See Jesus AN HISTORICAL APPROXIMATION  by Jose Antonio Pagola (Eng. Edition, Convivium Press, 2009).  From pages 455 to page 557 you can find a treasure lode of credible scholarly sources with respect to the historical Jesus. This page contains references to various Posts on the historical Jesus  reflecting Vatican II spirituality.

Another outstanding work on the historical Jesus, a contribution to the ANCHOR BIBLE REFERENCE LIBRARY,  an is: A MARGINAL JEW, RETHINKING THE HISTORICAL JESUS by John P. Meier (Doubleday, New York, 1991). A quote from the dust jacket indicates the impact of this study: “Future scholars are certain to judge John Meier’s book as one of the foremost studies ever written on the historical Jesus…A brilliant accomplishment!”–Jack Dean Kingsbury, Editor, Interpretation Union Theological Seminary in Virginia.

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I am a practicing Catholic, Jesuit trained, Vatican II amateur theologian, popularizing a complex belief theme for a larger reading public. I have found great spiritual joy in the biblical and historical experts’ recovery of the long lost vision of Jesus’ passion for the Father’s commitment to his created world. This passion of Jesus is embraced in the universal Prayer, THE OUR FATHER. In recent years I have been inspired by the re-discovered spiritual approach to our God in the Ecumenical Council Vatican II.As an additional note I have enjoyed more than forty years of academic and practical experience dedicated to social, economic and political development in the poorer countries of Central and South America. Except for development work I am not a professional in any field, but have lived long enough to earn Licenciates in Philosophy and Theology as well as Masters degrees in Medieval History and Urban Planning, and an ABD (all but dissertation) in Economic and Social Development.

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