Origen of Poverty Project: Concept Paper

The recommendations offered in the Concept Paper are offered within the purview of the Catholic Church’s social doctrine on poverty, more pointedly as an essential component of Jesus’ message promoting the Kingdom of God “…on earth as it is in heaven.” Pope Francis’ passionate pleas since the beginning of his Papacy in favor of our planet’s poor   have awakened within the media positive responses from all social levels including many organized religious groups  throughout a large cross section  of the world. However, despite the clarity of the Catholic Church’s social doctrine toward this urgent issue I have yet to detect any new and creative concrete efforts or programs as to how to confront globally the glaring and unacceptable disparity between overwhelming poverty in a growing number of nations on the one hand and on the other a never before witnessed level of wealth being generated by the same economy.

Without being a professional economist I have had many years experience in development in the poorer nations of Central and South America. The purpose of my Concept Paper is to suggest a strategy of paradigmatic change that has succeeded (the beginning of paradigmatic change is considered a success in development work) through a series of methods and approaches that in my experience, at least, have not been tried on the scale required. Given the complexity of effecting the required reconstruction of a complex system, a coordinated, systematic and highly technical program is called for. If unbeknownst it has not begun already, a coincident confluence of factors appear to indicate that now is the time  to begin. This is the purpose of the Concept Paper.

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I am a practicing Catholic, Jesuit trained, Vatican II amateur theologian, popularizing a complex belief theme for a larger reading public. I have found great spiritual joy in the biblical and historical experts’ recovery of the long lost vision of Jesus’ passion for the Father’s commitment to his created world. This passion of Jesus is embraced in the universal Prayer, THE OUR FATHER. In recent years I have been inspired by the re-discovered spiritual approach to our God in the Ecumenical Council Vatican II.As an additional note I have enjoyed more than forty years of academic and practical experience dedicated to social, economic and political development in the poorer countries of Central and South America. Except for development work I am not a professional in any field, but have lived long enough to earn Licenciates in Philosophy and Theology as well as Masters degrees in Medieval History and Urban Planning, and an ABD (all but dissertation) in Economic and Social Development.

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