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Viable suggestions for our ailing U S economy are sparse so that when they occur they should reach a maximum number of readers. The following article, like many, many that are appearing daily through out media, addresses an imbalance in wealth. According to the pundits the problem of the share returning to capital investment compared to that going to labor is reaching the ability to cause serious problems to historic equilibrium parameters. The following article, jointly written by three well known economists—and there are many others—go into the viability of a recommended innovation from the point of view of both capital and labor.

This blogsite, as stated in its initial statement of values, aims to establish a better world for all of us. The article proposes a concrete recommendation that all who agree and are in a position to contribute a grain of sand should pay attention to (link: ManAKing ).

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I am a practicing Catholic, Jesuit trained, Vatican II amateur theologian, popularizing a complex belief theme for a larger reading public. I have found great spiritual joy in the biblical and historical experts’ recovery of the long lost vision of Jesus’ passion for the Father’s commitment to his created world. This passion of Jesus is embraced in the universal Prayer, THE OUR FATHER. In recent years I have been inspired by the re-discovered spiritual approach to our God in the Ecumenical Council Vatican II.As an additional note I have enjoyed more than forty years of academic and practical experience dedicated to social, economic and political development in the poorer countries of Central and South America. Except for development work I am not a professional in any field, but have lived long enough to earn Licenciates in Philosophy and Theology as well as Masters degrees in Medieval History and Urban Planning, and an ABD (all but dissertation) in Economic and Social Development.

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