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 Our purpose through this blogsite is to provide baggage for travelers seeking happiness through understanding on life’s journey.  We try to popularize materials gathered from specialists in different fields of knowledge into small bundles easy to carry in your backpack. The compass found in any of the bundles is the human Jesus Christ the Divine Messenger.

Christianity properly understood as following Jesus’ way can lead us to happiness with ourselves, all of creation and the God who made it all happen. Jesus was God’s supreme gift, human and divine, at a blink of time and in a hidden and lost corner of creation wrapped in a culture that has long disappeared. At the same time he was wonderfully packaged for each and every member of the human community in a myriad of mysterious  fashions that are beyond our comprehension. For those who trust in human ingenuity to recapture his moment and his message we dare to offer pointers.

Our blogsite aims to establish that belief in Jesus is grounded in a rational credibility, based on the humanly attainable knowledge that God’s creative energy puts at our disposal in our moment and spot in history. Thus basic trust in the God of creation and the convincing testimony of history to man’s evolution toward a goal not yet definable frame our posts and, we hope, what will make our journey not only more intelligible but a happy one. Jesus challenged those who listened directly to his words with “He who has ears ought to hear,” knowing full well that many were not humanly capable of hearing him at that or any other time. However, the message from his father that humankind was capable of living in harmony  was sealed by  the messenger’s supreme act of love through his death and confirmed in his resurrection thereby revealing and bringing home to all creation the divine origin of his words.

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